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Apps is available for iOS/Apple, Android, Apple TV, Roku, and Amazon Fire.

My Live Broadcast Skips/is Slow

Make sure to have the best internet speed possible! Go to: and test your speed. We recommend at least 3 MBPS download speed to watch our events. A number of other factors could be at play (wireless, programs running, broadband throttling, and more). 

It Charged Me Again!

All Subscriptions are automatically renewed every year unless you cancel it. This is listed in the product description, the name of the pass (example: Yearly), and in the Terms of Use that each user agrees to at time of purchase.

Cancel Subscription

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I have canceled and it says "Next Payment Date"

When you cancel it will end your subscription at the next possible payment date. This way you can enjoy your account for the length of your purchase. "Next Payment Date" is the next possible payment date. It will not charge you if you have canceled.


We do not provide refunds for weather, event cancels, or schedule changes. 

All other circumstances (accounts, technical, etc) are considered. Depending on the circumstance we will determine the best remedy for every issue. We pride ourselves in being fair with the subscriber and offering the best customer service possible.

Kicked Out / One Device

Subscribers are allowed to view on one device at a time. Sharing your login or trying to access from other devices may cause an interruption in service.

Can I post or rebroadcast on Facebook?
Prohibited Activity

Except as otherwise stated in these Terms of Use or as permitted in writing by, you may not publish, broadcast, retransmit, reproduce, repackage, commercially exploit, create any derivative of or otherwise redistribute all or any portion of this Website. Except as otherwise stated in these Terms of Use, you may not modify, transmit, reuse, report or use the content of this Website for public or commercial purposes, including the text, images, audio and video, without’s prior written permission. Subscribers found in violation of re-broadcast will have their account suspended with no refund. If necessary, legal action will be considered.

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